Monday, September 10, 2012

BYU bucket list

Im back to blog another day. Much has changed in our lives including moving to SLC, Bryan getting a job and going to NY for a month for training, doing major reconstruction on our condo, and many fun summer memories. Also Bryan graduated!

This makes me reflect back on my time at BYU and the things I wanted to accomplish. (Okay so these are aside from a normal students wishes.) So here they are:

1. Win an intramural championship, mostly for the T-shirt.
2. Make the Policebeat, preferably for something not illegal
3. Kiss at Squaw peak

Sadly, only 1 of 3 of these were accomplished. It wasn't for lack of trying though.

For #1, I was in 2 championship games and lost both times. They were for "Razor Sharp the 3rd" in women's soccer and "Blackbeard's Revenge" in intertube waterpolo. Oh how I covet those with a championship shirt.

There were two times when I thought I would be featured in the Police Beat in the Daily Universe. For those of you who don't know what this is, its the silly stories of what the police do and investigate on campus. I imagine there is a lot less busting parties and drug scenes compared to other schools. Anyway I thought me accidentally catching the basement of my dorm on fire while trying to make cookies would have made it. Sadly no. Neither did chasing ducks on campus to determine who of our FHE group would be the leader for an Easter Egg hunt.

And the 3rd came to pass. Thanks to Bryan on my birthday haha.

Anyway I should have added ridding the cougar in my graduation outfit to this list. I made Bryan do this when he graduated saying he would regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't. Here are some pictures of his graduation. I'm so proud of him and all this hard work.

Friday, June 29, 2012

We bought a car

Attention: You may see me cruising around town in my new whip. Bryan and I have had just one car since we got married- his trusty Durango. It has done us well. It took us to California and back while pulling a trailer, to Provo and back 3x per week for me to work, plus where ever our hearts desired. Sadly, it only gets an average of 15 mpg. Ouch. And Bryan was often stranded in our apartment when I went to work and he often rode his bike to work in Cali. It was time for another car.

We searched and searched for a car we both liked. Our prize and beauty was found at Awesome Auto. Awesome name right? The dealer was really nice and we felt like we could trust them. Other places made us feel like we were getting riped off.

Our final choice was a white Nissan Altima Hybrid. Yes, we went green. Mostly because it gets 35+ mpg. Huge difference. Its all fancy and is keyless. Its hard to tell when its on because it starts electric. Watch out bikers... you can't hear us coming! We love our new baby. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lake Powell

Hello from Lake Powell! Going to Powell is a family tradition we have done for probably a decade. Every year I look forward to it... and it never disappoints. 

The most exciting news of the trip is that my brother Kevin and Melissa got engaged! He pulled out a ring and got on his knee while they were riding the tube. Don't worry it was a temporary fake one just in case it got dropped to the bottom of the lake. I am so excited and happy for these two!!

We had lots of fun boating, surfing, eating, playing werewolves, getting the scoop on Eric's love life, cliff jumping, and bonding. Bryan and I had our first kiss two years ago there so it was fun to be back there together. Thanks to everyone to helped make this a wonderful vacation!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

City Creek

In just a few weeks we will be blowing out of Provo and be back in our old hood, SLC. I loved Provo back when I was single, a BYU student, and involved in my ward. Now, I just go to work and to my apartment and basically only see my husband. My prime in Provo is over. We will be moving into a wonderful apartment in downtown Salt Lake. There is a small chance we are in President Monson's homeward. Bryan will be half a mile from work, we are close to both our families, close to the temple, and now CITY CREEK!

This weekend we decided we needed to go check it out the new mall. It is awesome. It really ties downtown together, has fun shops, and the design is neat. Most of the stores are high end so we will only be window shopping. But, Bry said that if we found something good at Tiffany & Co for under $100 he would buy it for me. The place was a mad house on Saturday so we didn't look much, but I will make him stick to his word on this. Bling bling.

Also, we saw Hunger Games with my family. So sweet! We can't decide if we like Ceasar Flickerman or Cinna more. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paper-thin walls

Its been a LONG day. I got back from work at 7 am and fell asleep. In less than two hours I awakened to find a male stranger knocking on my bedroom door, and four more strange men in the living room. It took me a few long seconds to remember they were the painters that management scheduled to come to every apartment. I awkwardly found some real pants and exited the unit fast. I went to campus to find Bryan and borrow Scott's key to try to rest in their close by pad.  I tried to sleep and couldn't- I don't know if it was because I had been up too long or because I was trying to sleep in someone else's bed. So, I headed to the grocery store and to the library. No, I had nothing to study so I read trashy magazines (people, self, whatever they had.)

I went back to my apartment three hours later and they weren't done. I went to my car and sat in it and chatted on the phone. Finally the painters were gone. I again tried to sleep- still couldn't. Bryan came home and forced me to try to sleep again. After half an hour of sleeping, some rap music started playing really loud. Bryan played detective and found out it was our neighbors upstairs. He knocked on their door, rang the door bell, then proceeded to pound on the door. They wouldn't answer or turn it down. Then Bryan came to our bedroom and banged the ceiling. The neighbors turned down the song they had had on repeat and knocked back loudly on the floor. Classy I know.

Minutes later we could hear a baby crying and voices. Continuing as detective, Bry got my stethoscope, stood on the bed, and tried to listen to their conversation haha. It didn't help magnify anything juicy, but how awesome would it be if it did?! Bryan had to coerce me to try to sleep yet again. He promised an original bedtime story if I would try to nap. He delivered a clever tale about penguins, Carliel and his friend Padmae, following a lifetime dream to learn the accordion. They discovered an amber brown beverage along the way. And WALA... I was finally able to sleep. Now, a few hours later, I'm awake. Who knows how sleeping tonight will go? I'm so grateful for a loving, funny, protective husband. Goodnight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shark Tank

Confession:  I love the Celebrity Apprentice.

This is my third season watching and I'm hooked. When I'm working on Sunday nights in the hospital it is often playing in one of my patient's rooms. I try to zone it out when I am in there so nothing is ruined for when I watch it later. I don't love Donald or particularly know the celebrities so I don't know what draws me in. Maybe its watching what people do creatively with the tasks or how they debate why they should stay. 

Bryan does not have the same interest in it as me. But tonight he introduced me to a new show. SHARK TANK. We watched one episode... then another episode... and then one more. I was set to watch another one but Bryan isn't nocturnal like me with my current working schedule. The show is so interesting to me! As with Celebrity Apprentice, I don't know why. I know very little about business and do not have a million dollar idea. Maybe I should have gone into the cut throat world of business. Wait, no. Definitely not. I'll let Bryan be in charge of that and I will continue in the loving field of nursing.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Really Staples?

One of Bryan's goals this year is to be more organized. I bought him a planner (among other things) for Christmas and he was doing great. Then he lost it. So, today I decided I would go get him another one.  I needed one too.

Staples was the closest place I could think of. I got dressed in real clothes (not scrubs, exercise apparel, or pajamas) and headed out. In Staples I went to the planning section and saw that planners ranged from $13 to $35. Really Staples? That is a total rip off. I proceeded to Walmart and found a great selection ranging $3-$12. Same brand and everything. I'm not a big Walmart fan, but I'm definitely not paying an extra ten dollars x2.

While there I got some other much needed things- fake flowers to liven up the apartment, 36 pack of pens because I loose 2+ every day at work, and browsed the fabrics for my next sewing project. Needless to say I will never go to Staples again. And here is to being organized!